The Cockpit - Episode 7 - Gunpla Dreams

Welcome to the triumphant return of The Cockpit. On this episode I am joined by the dynamic duo of Gunpla Tom Aznable and Ashe Blitzen. As you might suspect that means that this episode is all about Gunpla. This is a introductory conversation all about picking the right Gunpla and putting your own stamp on it. 

The episode breaks down like this:

  • Introductions and how we got into Gunpla
  • Different Types of Gunpla: Grades and Scales
  • Customization and Kitbashing
  • Starting Suit Suggestions
  • Tom and Ashe's favorite Suits

Enjoy The Show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 6 - Bay Without The Beef

Welcome to another edition of The Cockpit Podcast! On this episode I am joined by two of my good friends Mark and Doug. Mark is the host of the Oriental Cartoon Show and Doug produces Toy Championship Wrasslin' and the Animated Action blog. 

If you follow any of us on Twitter or have heard our podcasts as part of the Oriental Cartoon Show you'll know that the three of us are all huge Transformers fans. I decided that we needed to get together to discuss the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. We had a fairly off the cuff conversation about the movie and how we felt about it and how it compares to the other films.

Enjoy The Show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 5 - Build Fighters

The Cockpit is back! After a long time away I am very excited to say that I am back and ready for a whole new round of episodes for The Cockpit. I am glad to be back and I hope you enjoy it!

For episode 5 of The Cockpit I am joined by my good friend Casey Mitchem, otherwise know as Minovsky Articles on Twitter. We got together to discuss the brand new anime series Gundam Build Fighters! We were both huge fans of the show and spend most of the time gushing about what made it such a special show. 

We opened the show with a discussion about the return of The Cockpit, collecting toy robots, and Anime Boston. After that we jumped right into our discussion of Build Fighters.

Enjoy The Show!

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On the Speakeasy

As you all know Otakon was a couple of weeks ago. Following up another amazing year Ed Sizemore and I were on the newest episode of The Speakeasy podcast by the Reverse Thieves. We discussed the good and bad of the event, what our favorite panels and events were, and the huge news of Otakon moving to Washington DC in 2017. It was a great time to talk to all of them about an event we have all grown to love.

So be sure to give it a listen!  


The Cockpit - Episode 4 - Pacific Rim

It's time to talk about big screen robots! Pacific Rim is here and is bringing Giant Robot vs. Monster action to the big screen in a big way. It opened a week ago and I know a ton of people that were excited about it. Obviously that means I need to podcast about it! 

This episode I am joined once again by the all powerful Reverse Thieves, Al and Kate, and they brought along the incredibly knowledgable Carl from Ogiue Maniax for good measure. 

Fair warning this is a spoiler filled episode.

We began by talking about the story, characters, and incredible robot action that made the movie so special. We also had a great discussion analyzing why the movie performed how it did and why it didn't end up being the biggest blockbuster ever. Also whether or not we feel that type of movie could be a hit in the US. Enjoy!

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