The Cockpit - Episode 10 - Romance of Gunpla

Episode 10 of The Cockpit is here. The topic for this episode is the recently finished Gundam Build Fighters Try. I was joined by new guest Lauren Orsini from Otaku JournalistGunpla 101, and her new book Build Your Anime Blog and show regular Casey aka Minovsky Article on twitter. 

We had a great time discussing the ins and outs of the second season of Build Fighters. I will warn that this is a very spoiler heavy discussion. We didn't hold back on our feelings about the characters, battles, and where the show eventually ended up. There was a lot of fanboy/girling to be had over the course of this discussion and I hope you enjoy it. There was also a lot of great discussion at the end about where we would like to see the franchise go.

Don't forget you can watch all of Build Fighters Try on Youtube!

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The Cockpit - Episode 9 - Expelled from Paradise

And episode 9 of The Cockpit is here! This is a shorter one which I am sure some people will appreciate. I sat down with Vinnie from All Geeks Considered to talk about Expelled from Paradise the new movie from Gen Urobuchi and Seiji Mizushima.

I think we both enjoyed the movie far more than was originally expected. We gave a bit of a breakdown of the movie, discussed the themes that are played with over the course of the film, and had a bit of a discussion about the Aniplex of America business model. I hope you enjoy the episode. Let us know what you thought in the comments too!

You can also preorder the Blu-Ray over on Right Stuf

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The Cockpit - Episode 8 - Origins of the King

Episode 8 of The Cockpit has arrived! I am joined by two show regulars at this point Tom Aznable and Casey Mitchem for more Gundam talk!

We got together to have a discussion of the recently released episode 1 of  Gundam: The Origin. The conversation was casual and we bounced around as we discussed how we felt about the episode, if it works as an entry point, favorite characters, CG horses, and much more. There is also a pretty great little tangent about Gundam 0083 at the end.

As usual Tom was able to make releases come true because right after recording this episode the preorders for volume 12 of The Origin comic went up so check that out. 

Enjoy The Show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 7 - Gunpla Dreams

Welcome to the triumphant return of The Cockpit. On this episode I am joined by the dynamic duo of Gunpla Tom Aznable and Ashe Blitzen. As you might suspect that means that this episode is all about Gunpla. This is a introductory conversation all about picking the right Gunpla and putting your own stamp on it. 

The episode breaks down like this:

  • Introductions and how we got into Gunpla
  • Different Types of Gunpla: Grades and Scales
  • Customization and Kitbashing
  • Starting Suit Suggestions
  • Tom and Ashe's favorite Suits

Enjoy The Show!

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The Cockpit - Episode 6 - Bay Without The Beef

Welcome to another edition of The Cockpit Podcast! On this episode I am joined by two of my good friends Mark and Doug. Mark is the host of the Oriental Cartoon Show and Doug produces Toy Championship Wrasslin' and the Animated Action blog. 

If you follow any of us on Twitter or have heard our podcasts as part of the Oriental Cartoon Show you'll know that the three of us are all huge Transformers fans. I decided that we needed to get together to discuss the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. We had a fairly off the cuff conversation about the movie and how we felt about it and how it compares to the other films.

Enjoy The Show!

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